Team 392X - SpeedZappers
The SpeedZappers are a (incoming) third-year sophomore team from San Jose, California. We are comprised of 4 members: Zayn, Anish, Sai, and Rajeev. Last season was called Spin Up, in which robots shoot discs into goals, spin rollers, and shoot string to cover as many tiles as possible. Spin Up was highly successful for 392X, as we received 18 awards, won 3 local tournaments, and won our state championships. At the 2023 VEX World Championships, we won our 80-team division and got to the overall semifinals, which only 8 teams achieve. We also received the Worlds Amaze Award, signifying our consistently high scoring matches. This season is called Over Under, where you score triballs into goals and hang from a pole. We hope to take our success from Spin Up into this new season! Thank you to India Community Center and Boost Robotics for starting our robotics journey and constantly supporting us along the way!