One World Showcase Event @ UC Berkeley
Date: November 19th, 2023 Link: Event Code: RE-VRC-23-1923 Region: California Location: UC Berkeley - Pauley Ballroom & Lower Sproul Plaza Address: 2495 Bancroft Way, Berkeley, California 94720 Event Level: National

Match NameRed Team Blue Team
Qualifier #20884B and 392X12065 94027A and 11211X
Qualifier #3911211W and 295R48105 1469A and 392X
Qualifier #7510T and 392X50155 88864A and 5776T
Qualifier #8966475C and 8000E141101 1000A and 392X
Qualifier #135886Y and 80001B11290 392X and 11101B
Qualifier #155392X and 948J12172 16689X and 58418A
Qualifier #190392X and 11688A89109 95070D and 95071X
Qualifier #20688909V and 2055A143119 392X and 19359A
R16 #3-1315D and 392X109131 1159X and 1168A